Portable Hand Blender Machine

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Placement: Handheld
Function: Beating Eggs / Whipping Cream
Gear Position: 5 Files

★ Use:

1. Place The Ingredients On A Bowl
2. Select The Correct Whisks And Place Them Firmly Into The Mixer
3. Always Start With The First Speed And Increase Gradually To The Desire Speed According The Task
4. For Better Results Using The Firs Speed Place The Bowl With An Slightly Inclination
5. Unplug The Mixer After Finish And Press The Eject Button To Release The Hooks

Product Safety And Care:

● Always Operate The Mixer On A Dry, Even And Stable surface. Do Not Use The Mixer Or Try To Repair It If It Has Been Damaged
● Never Place The Mixer Or Long Power Cord In liquids. Keep Hands, Utensils And Other Dangling Objects Away From The Rackets During Use
● The Long Power Cord Should Be Kept Away From The Motorized Part Of The Racket During Use. Never Place The Blender On Or Near Stoves While The Burners Are On
● Easy Grip Handle- Ergonomically Designed Light Weight Handle For Maximum comfort.
● 5 Different Speed Settings, Turbo Function And Ejection button. Convenient And Easy To Use Due To Light Weight Nature
● Quickly and easily remove all accessories from the hand blender at the touch of a button
● Electric mixer easy to store and to clean given its compact size, It will save you space and time.
● Versatile: Sweet or savory, The mixer is your perfect kitchen accessory for frosting, Meringue, Creamy dressings, Doughs, Baked goods and more